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Janine is a fine art and portrait photographer. She has worked extensively with actors, dancers, and musicians (soloists, ensembles, orchestras), and has experience in fashion photography. Previous clients include prestigious international artists and companies.

Next to a classic photographic oeuvre, Janine has developed a characteristic mixed media style that merges photography, digital editing, painting, and most recently artificial intelligence in synthographic images.


In her conceptual work she pays great attention to the unforeseen of everyday life. Coming from a background in theatrical make-up, styling and visual editing, Janine controls every detail of her imagery without completely eliminating chance. Her themes cover the relation of human beings and their grown and built environments, style, the odd, and the obscure. In her more experimental work she examines the depth of scenery and technique. Apart from that, her portfolio reflects a strong interest in still-life and abstraction.

Janine’s work to date has been shown at several (online) galleries and exhibitions.

Contact Janine via email or phone in English or German. Follow her on Instagram for latest news.




0049 (0) 176 201 745 97

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